Fans speculate the reason Kate Middleton is regularly pictured with plasters on her hands - Wales Online

2022-07-02 08:03:39 By : Ms. puya chen

The Duchess of Cambridge was photographed sporting another plaster during a Jubilee event in Cardiff

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Whether it's getting a small nick while cooking or an unexpected cut doing DIY - most of us have experienced an everyday situation which has left us reaching for the at-home medical box. So it's sort of refreshing to learn that even members of the Royal Family occasionally go through the same thing from time to time.

After all, they're only people. However, rightly or wrongly, many of us labour under the preconception that the Windsors - like royalty and the super-rich across the globe - are waited on hand and foot by an army of staff without getting their hands dirty (so to speak).

That doesn't seem to be the case for the Duchess of Cambridge. This week, Kate Middleton was photographed with a plaster wrapped around her right thumb as she shook hands and chatted to fans at the Jubilee in the Castle event in Cardiff.

And while she looked perfectly happy, the photographs left some people online to wonder whether she is particularly accident prone. This was the latest in a number of occasions that Kate had been pictured sported plasters - and she has never put forward an explanation as to why.

According to BristolLive, the pink-coloured plasters are frequently on show, leaving everyone guessing as she waves to the public and holds hands with her family. Speculation has mounted as to why Kate often has a plaster - but is well known that she is a keen cook - and also grows her own vegetables. She’s also the mum of three young children - and as every parent knows it’s not just the children who get injured in the rough and tumble.

In 2019 it was noticed the Duchess was wearing another as she appeared at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. She was spotted in November 2018 when she was seen with a small circular patch on her finger.

In 2016, the Duchess wore the tape on her left thumb as she guided her then one-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte, away from a church service in Berkshire.

Kate was then spotted with one of the items on her left hand - just a day after meeting the feline star of A Street Cat Named Bob. Days later, the Duchess was seen wearing a plaster on the side of her hand as she arrived at the Royal Albert Hall for the annual Royal Festival of Remembrance. Speculation suggests that the outdoor-loving royal sustained minor injuries while out gardening, one of her favourite past times.

When questioned about the plasters previously Buckingham Palace insisted: “We have no comment on the plaster.” While the bandages may cover up unsightly nicks and bruises, not all experts say they are entirely helpful for healing. Dr Anton Alexandroff, a spokesman for the Consultant Dermatologist & British Skin Foundation, told the Express: “Wearing plasters isn’t that helpful because the skin doesn’t breathe as well and it takes longer to heal. As a mum, you are washing your hands all the time, so it is important to moisturise regularly. Using moisturiser is the best way to heal a scratch."