H&H Medical launches TACgauze wound dressing gauze: innovative product brings wound gauze manufacturing back to the United States

2021-12-08 06:06:26 By : Ms. Tina Wu

EMS burnout repair kit: reignite your EMS passion

EMS burnout repair kit: reignite your EMS passion

For more than 50 years, woven cotton gauze has been the standard solution for controlling severe bleeding and wound management. Traditionally, all levels of military and civilian emergency medicine have taught cotton gauze to bandage wounds, but facts have proved that the domestic manufacturing cost of woven cotton gauze is high, and most of the production has been transferred overseas.

Now, H&H Medical brings back the production of cotton gauze for wound management to the United States. Based on a joint research program with the United States Department of Agriculture, the development of TACgauze Wound Wrapping Gauze aims to use the existing manufacturing processes in the United States to manufacture military and civilian gauze that is reasonably priced, effective, and meets Berry Amendment standards. With these measurable benefits, TACgauze marks the next generation of trauma gauze.

This non-woven product uses a proprietary blend of bleached cotton, synthetic fibers and TRUE COTTON™; a sustainable, chemical-free cotton product produced by TJ Beall, which is made into a non-woven gauze product Calculated by weight, its water absorption is significantly higher than that of standard cotton gauze. In addition, compared with standard woven cotton gauze, TACgauze sheds fewer fibers, adheres to damaged tissues less, and can be torn into smaller units for ease of use.

"TACgauze represents the culmination of nearly a decade of research by the US Department of Agriculture and the commitment of partners such as TJ Beall," said Paul Harder, President of H&H Medical. "We believe that we can create a new gauze product that is better than existing technology, has a competitive price, and is manufactured in the United States. TACgauze meets all these requirements."

TACgauze will be available in December 2018 and will be 4.5 inches wide x 120 inches long. The first version is a roll-on-roll version, vacuum packed and sterilized. The Z-folded TACgauze version will be available in March 2019.

About H&H Medical Corporation Since 1982, H&H Medical Corporation has been committed to solving the complex problems faced by military and civilian responders. As a recognized leading supplier of innovative prehospital trauma products, H&H Medical Corporation manufactures and distributes products such as Bolin Chest Seal™, H-Bandage™ compression dressings, H&H compression gauze, and emergency cricothyrotomy kits. For more information, please visit our website http://www.gohandh.com.

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