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Chapters 1-10: added-as-they-appear-online/. )

Chapter 11-20: added-as-they-appear-online/

The carnival is quite hot.

Prepared for Mac, Armor's, Tyger and Sandy

Mr. Milty's Tucks Parade

The house of horror and pain. Milty's

Girlfriend Victoria and Cat Blubber

Face. Larry Bud Melman

Appeared in Tucks Parade

what a shame. Other parade

Attend and explain. Many carnivals

Related events and weird events occurred.

This chapter ends with Tiger entering the finals

"In a house, in a square, in a quadrant"

A good day for the parade, what day is not it, like the sun

If you stand in the upper city

Snake-shaped crescent crescent bend. That

Questions for tourists to think about.

The preparatory work before the military parade has already started earnestly on him. Milty's

Upper loft on Magazine Street. gentlemen. Milty-the artist, himself-

Scattered among the scary face paintings, scattered audio

Tape and paper such as Tiger, Sandy Alexander and Big Mac

Whale blubber, always grumpy, sometimes very poisonous

The orange male cat that only reacted to Mr. Milty’s touch, then

If it arouses the fantasies of his cats, it will also "greet" the boys.

Blubber’s favorite strategy is to pretend to be friendly because he

Hug some unsuspecting people

Ouch, the claws of the claws strike and

Scrape it off

Mr. Milty likes this very much

He must train the beast action

That way," Sandy whispered

Tiger was mentioned when they entered. "I hate that cat."

Victoria, one of Mr. Milty’s interchangeable girlfriends

Part of it has been in the shower. Naked, she is

Exact moment of armor entry

Apartment, open the bathroom door.

Immediately afterwards, the tall thin blonde slammed the door shut.

"Did I say it?" Armor's mock asked seriously. gentlemen.

Milty also finds this interesting.

"Hey, what's the matter with the girl? Put on some clothes. We have

Visitors. "Milton." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Her sexy light body wrapped in a small towel from

The bathroom escaped into the bedroom after a nanosecond, and then

Another slamming door. The blubber hurriedly looked for cover.

"I hate you Milton," she said in a low voice. "Relax, dear. We

Going to join the Tucks Parade," he replied, then turned to Sandy.

"She is a little nervous. I am gradually breaking her. Thinking

She will appear before the jazz festival. "

Blubber led the team to the kitchen where Mr. Milty was.

Busy making Bloody Mary drink for the crowd. Armor·s

And Mac wandering around with a pair of African drums

Nearly half ruined the cloth-covered sofa.

Boom Boom Boom Boom...They started a quick improvisation.

Sandy and Tiger found a few chairs to sit down and pat

Both parties were accompanied by politeness.

A pot of tomato red bloody mary from

The kitchen is followed closely by Mr. Milty and Blubber. Every participant has

The old carnival cup in the past parade.

Sandy and Armor have Endymion; Mac has

"Where did you get this thing?" Mike asked. Mr. Milty looks

hard. "It must be a truck parade."

A loud noise rises from the floor where Tiger is

Place his cup. "It's fucking," Tiger said in surprise.

He was thrilled when he noticed the culprit and waved after him

You will know who is jumping slyly as you go.

Then there was a loud noise. hiss. "That damn blubber. He is

In my Bloody Mary, buddy. I want another one. "

Have a great time at Mr. Milty's house. He is always happy,

Obviously, asking the crouching Tiger "What? Are you going to let a few cats

Will hair spoil good wine? Come on, Targus, you can handle it. "

"No, I can't'. Excuse me. I want another one." "No way haha"

Mr. Milty said he was going to the kitchen when the blubber started

Mr. Milty resurrected another morning potion in the form of whale blubber

Walking to Sandy, Sandy pushed him away rudely. "I don't plan to

Fall in love with that, bastard," said the Sandman

Secretly, what behavior did I do.

"Miiiilton," a pleading voice came from behind.

The bedroom door. "Please come in here."

"For a while, girl. Didn't you hear us having a party?" Prosperity

Rumble—Mac and Armor’s interference accelerates. Mr. Milty moved here

Go to the audio cabinet and flick the four-track recorder.

Thousand-faced (scary) man picks up a big Kanga

Drum and add jam. This will last a few minutes. A sort of

The three main rollers derby-style jam, while Sandy and Tiger take forks,

Tap the bottle for the bad company.


Raised arms to the sky, waving Bongomania. "All right,

Dude," Mr. Miltey said as he approached.

Flick the tape

deck. He paused.

The voice of a little girl now pleads from behind the closed

Door: "Milton. P-uhh-lease will come here soon." He

Flick the recorder.

"This is a fact," he said. "My dear is here." He turned to the gang.

"Please forgive me for a while. Risky business must be dealt with."

A deep voice came from the bedroom

Finish the cocktail. There is a habitual running-in about waiting

Let Mr. Milty come out and let them bow their heads

Go to the Polish dog stand.

Mr. Milty finally saw the light

Everything is cool. Let's get out. ”Victoria

Elegant white shirt and blue jeans.

"Your kids had a great time. Milton. I'll talk to you later."

"Goodbye, Mr. Milty said, kiss Victoria Square

Those baby-like apple-red cheeks.

"Please guys. Let us disappear

Before she changes her mind,"

gentlemen. Milty's residence is only a few blocks from the parade

Stage the crowd. "Thank God, we got rid of the deadlock," pointed out

Armor's, lives one block away from Camp and Prytania Street.

"You might be stuck there for a few hours."

Hardy quintet is loaded into Mac's maroon minivan and

Go down Magazine Street to the Polish Dog Paradise. still

The usual name and purchase. Acquisition of Mac and Armor

Buy explosive ammunition from a nearby supplier and continue

Undercover search and explosion missions. Pop music pops each

Other people’s toes and unsuspecting neighbors.

Venus, the crappy old woman parade, is about to succeed

Along the avenue. Float the NOPSI truck first to make sure

The wires of the overhead tram are clear.

Krowd Kontrol’s Krewe’s KKK signature float is as follows

It must. The policeman was trapped in a double-glazed window drinking coffee,

Eat donuts, by the way, monitor communications

"Krewe of Krowd Kontrol," Mac shouted as he tossed mini firecrackers

Laughing hysterically when the glass exploded,

Shocked a policewoman. However, she understood, and smiled kindly.

Oh man, I hate this parade, "Tiger, ex

High school baseball pitcher, exclaimed. "Those old

The bitches can't throw anything right. You have to stand up

Right on the side of the road, you can grab anything

Therefore, the Venus Hider denies some

Carnival sports

Say hey willie mays

Catch the ball in the crowd

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh what to do

Did they do it? Hey-hey! " and many more.

Sandy craned his neck in search of swimming

A full set of floats. "I heard Larry Bud Melman is going

Become the king of the Tucks parade," he told the crowd.

"That should be as outrageous as usual."

The temperature rose to a pleasant 65 degrees.

The crowd is the biggest crowd this season.

The usual mix of humanity

And humidity stand on the avenue of participation

At different stages of the celebration, depending on

Carnival experience, party origins and beliefs.

Mr. Milty brought a thermos

He poured a glass of spirits from Bloody Mary.

Everyone is waiting for the usual unusual

Bead violence began.

Initial pre-float sum

Venus parade. The potential audience craned their necks and said,

Trying to cross the Lee Circle, of course,

Drifting by, warning of the upcoming parade.

Sandy asked. "The theme song of "Flash Dance"?"

Oh my goodness," Tiger replied. "This is the millionth time. flash-

axis. "Hev, the subject of'Shaft'," Sandy pointed out, "will be a

Well, it’s either a "Flashdance" disco, or a military idiot

Music or similar pop rap glitter egg tarts. Must oppose

The law of playing good things during the carnival parade.

(The funny thing is, the worse the song, the more exciting it gets

The crowd responded. Another reflection on carnival culture. )

Venus goes, Venus blows, with the duke, the maid, and the flower

Painted floats. As predicted, throwing is lame. Tiger yelled at someone

The imperial concubine said: "Come on. Let's see your arm. How far can you throw.

Hey baby: throw it away'"

Mac and Armor ran up the buoy to bomb them

Broadside. A series of successful "Papa Papa" mother missions followed one after another.

Sandy was smoking a cigarette peacefully from a few feet away

Several police officers stood with arms crossed and appeared

Bored when they surveyed the population for the billionth time.

Float inevitably follows float. Military band

Move forward until they merge into a long-term vision

The carnival is over, the carnival is present, and the carnival is coming soon.

The last fire truck after the long parade of 23 floats is

In turn, it was tracked by NOPSI trucks. The crowd quickly dispersed.

"Who sounded the fire alarm?" Tiger asked. "Where are they

Are you going all? The best is yet to come. "

Mike and Sandy crossed the street to the seamen's lounge.

This is a meeting place for semi-abandoned people and their traveling companions

Most of the year, but become a more international dining place

Mardi Gras walk-in transaction to Al Johnson Carnival.

The boys were ejected from the faint smell of urine

Building, holding beer back to the Holy Land

They pass everywhere. No party is no party

Armor yelled with a beer: "Let the good times roll in."

indeed. Tucks time is about 20 minutes later than usual

This year. College students first founded Tucks in the 1950s

Less ironic expression. It has become unusual and ordinary 25

The Duke and other members of the royal family flashed past in a mini float with letters.

The same goes for the breasts of some bold ladies. "Hey, Duke. Hey Duke. Throw it to me

Sir," Mike yelled before the final

Spontaneous comments that are quickly popular. Crowd and

A group of representatives of Jefferson Parish on horseback trekking

Casually handing out silver doubloons and precious long glasses

bead. The car with Tux officials followed closely behind.

Then, the clergymen, who have always been popular, drove in variegated colors

Interesting car. Armor's blame is obvious. "You clowns," he

Shouted. "Find a real job."

WYLD boom box truck spouts "love you"

baby. Love your baby," because it adds luster to the scene.

Fatass tourist and stupid university

The students danced randomly to the commercial beat.

"I just don't understand how anyone listens to that shit,"

Sandy commented. "Just like you," Tiger said. "brain death.

Mr. Milty, who has been absent for a while, has

Obviously there is no scene at all. "Where is that bastard?"

Tiger asked. "He will miss Larry Bud Melman."

really. Larry Bud's float zoomed in around Lee Circle

head.lng The traditional parade route in the city center. "Hey," Mike

Shouted. "I saw a celebrity."

The crowd raised their collective game to a notch, and soon

Everyone was shouting, "How about David Letterman?" And usually,

"Larry Budd. Throw things to me."

Red face-comics? -Is it lollapalooza?

Crowned the float with the theme of "Salute to the Banana Republic". Larry Budd

Waved awkwardly to the crowd below.

"I hope he doesn't fall," Sandy said. "He might get hurt

he himself. "There are others," Tiger added.

When the float approached, everyone was excited

Near the PD bracket. It may be, it may be, not.

Larry Budd disappeared at that moment and walked in

The floating toilet handles personal affairs. so,

The so-called pastoral comics can no longer be regarded as his floats

Pass the neighborhood of the gang.

The lack of celestial bodies is extremely unpleasant

group. "Hey, what the hell is this," Tiger lamented. "That bastard

I don't know who his real audience is. "

"What else is the new 7" Sandy replied, not the real Larry Budd

"Find a real job," Mac yelled at the floating objects passing by

measure. He turned to Armor. "I saw a celebrity," he announced proudly

When Armor bombarded his feet with a small explosion.

"Hahaha." There is also a Mac like a rabbit

rabbit. Larry Bud Melman sucks. "

And, by the way, where is the husband? When you need him Miltey?

"I guess he will have to find his way home by himself," Mike

Friends who follow the carnival, may have guessed it

The rest of the parade. The boys are playing in the beautiful sunshine

Floats bring wonderful floats and high school bands to parade or rest

It depends on the situation.

(Maybe the float has collapsed, or it is equally possible that some

The drunk fell from the sky. )

By the way, comrades, this political note

"Hey, you communists," Armor shouted at one of the shiny red

A vehicle driven by the same shiny red face

driver. "Do you know that the revolution is over."

The party must last until that night

Brought the first large-scale parade, the heinous Endymion

Pronounced End-em-ion, short "e"-the monster is floating

That night followed closely. This year the gluttons are invited

The fabulous Wayne Newton, all the way from Las Vegas. Oh, joy.

Tyger is definitely not a fan of Endymion. He prefers time-honored brands

Cruise with their ancient floats and strict rules

Quiet. Yes, they are racist bastards, of course, but that is

Part of the carnival. One may not like it, but

The tourists frolic happily and know nothing about local politics. That

It is their work as window decorating actors.

Mardi Gras is an unchangeable fact that exists for the social elite

The curious supplicant under the nose of the crust on the thumb is quite

Beyond the limited scope of the travel filter.

Tourists think this is the privilege of the passport side.

That's part of their fucking problem.

Tiger is not more democratic, but also a lot

Absurd, Endymion, because he hates large crowds, among them

other reasons. Fortunately, this is N'awlins and the parade is

TV broadcast, so the crowd staying at home will not miss any

So our brave investigator watched the huge float

Pour down like a waterfall along the legendary avenue. 15 for each floating point

In front and behind is a large, ruthless band.

The crowd of Polish dogs ranges from 10 to 12 people

Stand up. Thousands of powerful men crossed the canal

Street, the guide touted as the widest boulevard

America. Tonight, might as well add one sentence, the wildest

Let it pass friends. Let Endymion ride you

The small fish should be fried. Later that night, the Neo-Neanderthal

Performed at the semi-famous Duran Student Ball. Tiger

Look outside through the glass window.

They charge an entrance fee of 15 dollars. As Heave Broward pointed out, "I really

Hope we can bring you into Tiger, good buddy, but they don't allow it

We put anyone on the guest list. "Of course, "friends". (lift

Fear of any superior social competition. )

There is no entrance fee for Tiger. Even if he did, who

Want to waste money on something

People can usually ignore it for free.

Armor's and Tyger stood by waiting for the first set

Take a break and see if there are hot beauties taking a break outside. certainly

They did it, and Heave Broward followed one of his amazing co-ed couples

Small tail wagging and usual limp. You know drill

"You are the tiniest girl here," the fool said simply

simple. Armour's shook his head.

"A walking and talking bastard," he observed.

That dirty thing is over, the boys are

House in armor. His cat is growing by leaps and bounds, this

They fall down like gymnasts like Mary Lou

"I gave 9.5 points," Tiger scored."

Seven points system. "

It was eleven o'clock, and Tiger went to bed, perhaps dreaming.

Sunday is coming, despite being shrouded in madness

Such designation is irrelevant. Now every day is not as good as rhyming

an interesting day. From now on, the wicked will not rest

Their fellow travelers until Ash Wednesday, when all bets are over, they

Must repent. Hey baby blue, the party has just begun.

Funday has a holiday on Sunday, no way, no way; and time

ThothParade, one of Tyger's favorites. He caught

The rehabilitation center on Henry C. Clay Avenue is nearby

In this annual ceremony, it’s a bit nostalgic

Because this is the first parade that Tiger participated in after moving

I'm very upset. In addition, he lives within walking distance of a residential area.

And it shows a surprising sense of class here

Also exercise. The parade route is designed to pass various

They call themselves "the door is closed." Toth

The rider is very generous with throwing, pay special attention

The sick, the young and the elderly. often,

Thoth is a touching thing, more than a few tears

So everyone pays tribute to Thoth! May you continue till time stops

And the universe refolds through entropy. Otherwise, get out

Always forward, one day.

Tiger stood beside a few nuns who disliked nuns very much

Join the chaotic forces of the universe, like

The rest of the pagans bowled each other for doubloons

Suspicious throw. The good times have passed.

Thoth and Iris, another lame female Crewe, follow

Traditional parade route in the city center. Later, the bright night

The lights of Baachus, the second large parade, even better than

Endymion. Bacchus is generally in charge of Bacchus

Hollywood idol, or so it is.

Who is it this time? Richard Dreyfus? "I didn't expect him to be

Gay," Mike’s friend Sarah pointed out when he heard the news. "Yes

he? "Why don't you ask him," Mike replied.

Similarly, Tiger withdrew from the celebration for similar reasons

To Endymion. He has extra motivation because

Heated up the drunk sailor Bacchus last time

Who needs that stuff? Let Mac and those people enjoy the not so subtle

The fun of Baachigator and other huge giant floats

Fainted with colored lights and a drunken mask.

Tiger instead caused a sensation on TV. after all,

These parades are very interesting. That must be another reason

That night, revellers spread all over the city like mops. A sort of

A veritable large number of tourists consumed the connection of Crescent City.

The carnival minions rumbled, clumsy, and stumbled in.

Anywhere a person sees. them

It's fucking out of control-OOFC for laymen.

It’s still possible to ignore the inhuman wave, but only

Just barely. The local hero must carefully plan his every move,

Like to go to Winn Dixie or K&B nightmare.

Driving in the town is almost impossible. Useless

Try unless one has to go somewhere. Even so, you need a

A lot of fortitude fortissimo. Hey baby, you have to be low

Go with it. It's like a carnival that suddenly stopped.

The party includes every street corner. A series of amazing

Music and night pastimes follow Baachus' request

Of course, Baachus Extravaganza swept Superhome.

What about the French Quarter? Hahaha. You have to ask. Best bring one

If you cross those wild waters, lifeguards.

Monday arrived, almost nothing. The rest of the world is operating

Usually, many people in New Orleans are forced by their superiors

Headquartered in a remote area

Show a similar disguise like your Houston or Denver.

However, nothing can be done. Don't even think about it. Unfortunately

The working mouse class is mainly in the office for gatherings or planning

Icebergs clink in the Baachus Cup mixed with Titanic

High octane self-pollutant. Lundi Glass, as they say, is calm

This is not to say that the Proteus who rules today can become

Ignore it safely. It’s actually a grand military parade, but it’s an old way.

Crewe and the ancient floats are backed by mysterious legends.

They are throwing cups this time-the old-fashioned first

Cruise adopts recent innovations and actually throws

The object is useful throughout the year. Used by many N'awlins families

These cups are designed for lifestyle enhancement and entertainment.

Arthur Hardy, Mardi Gras historian designated by NewsBatch

Eyewitless NewsFake, describing these novel throws

"And Proteus is throwing gold and silver doubloons, beads

For the first time ever, a red and white horse pattern

Proteus cup. Good luck and happy carnival. "

Tyger arrived at the PD stand a few minutes earlier than Proteus

Dive into the deep blue waters of the city center at night. Shiny red

The cup fell under his feet from the first numbered float, and he calmly

Pick it up while blushing

Our dear boy turned the cup over and looked at it

Quite false admiration. "Not bad," he reflected as a tourist

Gaze longingly. "Sorry. Some throws are aimed at certain people."

Tourists seem to be confused by this comment, like a cat,

The brief attention immediately returned to the crazy quarrel,

Immerse yourself in the continuous carnival madness.

Proteus dangling on the wooden spoke wheel in the city center. Tiger grab

Another Polish dog is gone. "Are you ready for tomorrow's big event?"

Roy asked. "Be ready at any time," Tiger said.

"So far, don't we have a great carnival?" "No," paused

"Only the greatest ever." "I hope the weather improves. This makes or breaks

Give us. "I definitely won't, haha." "

One of the nomads coming down in recreational vehicles

Enter and stand guard near the festival. Such a small village

Vehicles have gathered in the YWCA parking lot.

"Hey, man," Roy said to the nomadic white-haired man. "this

Guys come here all the time," he said when introducing Tiger.

"Yes, this guy came from a long way from Oklahoma. He visited with us

At the Oklahoma State Fair. "

"Okay, cool," Tiger was impressed. He has never encountered

Carnival patron of the Polish dog stand. Turn to

He asked the caravan: "Does the Polish dog have the same taste there?"

"It's exactly the same," the man replied with a satisfied smile

Truth is great, it prevails.

Rest is now the top priority for carnival veterans.

By this time, tourists and selected locals had gone crazy throughout the town.

Many of them will party all night.

Those who are proficient in the carnival way have placed their bets

A prime location along St. Charles Avenue in a neutral area as

The tram has ceased operation. Some gatherings are in place because they will

All night and the next day. Smart people need sleep.

Tyger belongs to the latter. Bad health is stupid

rest. Fat Tuesday is the ultimate party endurance test.

Most parties are like there is no tomorrow

Soon you will find their stupidity, because they passed out in piles along this road

Sometime between the start of the truck parade and the Comus.

Tiger took the time to determine the plan on the phone.

Everyone has assigned themselves a time-honored task to prepare

Tyger is usually the first psychological bet to appear in the PD stands

The location of the real estate location is all. Just another carnival

The Gras tradition is so respected in apps that few people remember

Tiger decided to get up late at the end of the carnival. Blunder.

Surprise, not unexpected. That year was a disaster. When we digress.

Tygermeister was woken up loudly at 7 am

Uptown carnival at local parade club

With a lot of hustle and bustle, with an incredibly loud serenade

Traditional carnival music provided by Professor Chang Mao-

There is no evasion of fun at all. Tiger gave up the ghost

After that, always get up to meet the dawn, and then some morning

Will arrive at 7:30 in the morning. This year of the Tiger will be of political significance.

Influential Louisiana senator hangs out near Nobby

The others in the marching club in the bar were already drunk.

This is the politics of Louisiana. Someone is always watching

For the benefit of the party

A few people, if any, did not make mass passes in some way

You can watch the show on TV anyway on the day of the parade, because all

The local radio station preempts the carnival report.

This makes those with physical disabilities and some losers

Celebrations like Roots Badburns will not disturb them.

Roots are too lazy, and there are important things like picking your nose

It's ok. One person can count the people who stay at home

When a million or more people flock to every imaginable vantage point

Points and perspectives in and around Crescent City.

Everything else is business as usual, but magically wrapped

Big F'in Easy. This is how New Orleans people roll. who can

Blame them and put aside the effective criticism of the carnival. This is why

At 8:15 in the morning, Tiger gets up and prepares for work

Like his difficult journey in the city center

1yger fills the Altoid box with joints and checks the so-called

The "files" in the freezer are carefully taken out of the refrigerator

A small amount of LSD in aluminum foil-extremely important

Related to impending insanity-usually to cheer yourself up

Because no matter what strange events will happen. Ready, stable, eddy and

Dennis Miller style-he's not there.

Accurate navigation is essential for travel in the city center.

First, Tiger must pass the march mentioned earlier

club. Then he must avoid the usually reliable Tchopitoulas

Corridor, because hundreds of trucks and floats are lining up

For their immortal moment in the afternoon. A huge traffic jam

Roads near residential areas. However, wise travelers know that directly

Route, bypassing these obstacles, passing through Napoleon Avenue,

This is how the 1988 Carnival happened; Tuesday

February 16 for the rest of the free world. May take 10 minutes

Longer than usual, it seems to be a small price to pay for everything

Tie yourself to a dear comrade who celebrates art

And science. You are about to graduate and enter the carnival

What promise is the time in your life.

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