The smartest way to make a clip when there is no clip

2021-12-08 05:58:23 By : Mr. Kingle Hu

Clips are important tools for temporarily fixing wood together in woodworking, woodworking, furniture making and other projects-there are as many types of clips as they are used for. Fuse the wood blocks together to form a strong bond. However, if you do not have a fixture suitable for the job, you can try another option for fixing the wood.

Clips are often used to hold materials together when the adhesive that holds them together dries, or to hold them in place when you nail or screw them together. (Sometimes, when the teeth pass through the wood, the screws force the planks apart, and clamps prevent this.) For simple projects that require two planks to be stacked on top of each other or side by side, the handyman Ron Hazelton uses something other than His toolbox but from his medicine cabinet: elastic bandage. That's it:

Elastic bandages are most commonly used as splints to hold injured bones and tendons in place-but they can do the same with wood. Just place the two boards in the correct position, then align them flush, and then wrap the bandage around them as tightly as possible to make sure they are safe. The tightness of the bandage is the key here.

Elastic bandages work best when you need to clamp two boards together, but they may not work well in other situations. For other projects, the lifestyle website Apartment Therapy provides some other easy ways to use home improvement tools as clips. To simulate a bench-top fixture, you can use two pliers to fix it on a wooden board, and use rubber bands around it. The old jumper cable can be made into a good spring clip when you need it, and the caulking gun can hold the two corners together like a quick clip or a vise clip.

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