Plaster of Paris Bandage Pop Bandage / Vendaje De Yeso De Paris

DescriptionOrthopaedic Plaster of Paris Bandage (POP Bandage) cotton gauze and plaster of parisBandage width 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 12.5cm, 15cm, 20cm.Normal length 2.7m, or any length according to customers\' request.SpecificationPackage(rolls/ctn)5x270cm2407.5x270cm24010x270cm12012.5x270cm12015x270cm12020x270cm60 least lo

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Orthopaedic Plaster of Paris Bandage (POP Bandage)
cotton gauze and plaster of paris

Bandage width 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 12.5cm, 15cm, 20cm.
Normal length 2.7m, or any length according to customers' request.
least loss of gypsum powder when soaking by water.
stable solidate time.
easy to dry.
easy to operate,environment friendly.
Suitable for bone surgery operation, orthoreadic gypsum, mask, hand crafts and arts, toys, healthy sports material for slim figure and so on.
Soak the bandage roll thoroughly and squeeze water outside of the water. Don't squeeze it in the water to avoid the loss of gypsum powder .
Pay attention to the evenness when tie up. Bandage roll rolls on the body, with loose side touches muscles. Don't tie up inside out, and not tear it by band to prevent annulus chain press.
Get rid of bubbles between every layers by touch until full evenness, but after the gypsum liquid becomes paste(solidifying point of gypsum), you mustn't squeeze it to avoid the break of solidified structure of the gypsum.Plaster of Paris Bandage Pop Bandage / Vendaje De Yeso De Paris

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