Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster Medical Bandage Tape

Zinc Oxide Tape Plaster Easy Tear No Residue White Adhesive  for Dressing Wounds  Description: 1, High grade 100% cotton fabric2, Hypoallergenic zinc oxide hot melt adhesive3, Leaves no residue glue after remove4, Stable and durable adhesiveness5, Hand tear, no scissors needed6, Provides stable fixation and f

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Zinc Oxide Tape Plaster Easy Tear No Residue White Adhesive  for Dressing Wounds
1, High grade 100% cotton fabric
2, Hypoallergenic zinc oxide hot melt adhesive
3, Leaves no residue glue after remove
4, Stable and durable adhesiveness
5, Hand tear, no scissors needed
6, Provides stable fixation and firm support
7, Air breathable, allows skin breathe easily
8, CE, FDA approved
1. For wrapping the wound, fixing the dressing.
2. Splint fixation.
3. Provide compression to body after burnt.
4. Varicose veins of lower extremity bandaging.
SizePackagingCarton Size(cm)N.W (kg)G.W
1.25cm× 5m42rolls/box,24boxes/carton,1008rolls/carton33×33×341315Bulk Packing
2.5cm× 5m24rolls/box,24boxes/carton,576rolls/carton44×33×341517
5cm× 5m12rolls/box,24boxes/carton,288rolls/carton44×33×341517
7.5cm× 5m8rolls/box,24boxes/carton,192rolls/carton44×33×341517
10cm× 5m6rolls/box,24boxes/carton,1440rolls/carton44×33×341517
1.25cm× 5m48rolls/box,12boxes/carton,576rolls/carton37×37×377.513Plastic shell packing
2.5cm× 5m30rolls/box,12boxes/carton,360rolls/carton37×37×379.514.5
5cm× 5m18rolls/box,12boxes/carton,216rolls/carton37×37×391116
7.5cm× 5m12rolls/box,12boxes/carton,144rolls/carton37×37×371115.5
10cm× 5m9rolls/box,12boxes/carton,108rolls/carton37×37×371115
Competitive Advantage:
1, Comfortable and rigid cotton fabric with high tensile strength
2, Reliable and durable stickness for long time wrapping
3, Hypoallergenic adhesive, low irritation to skin
4, Tears easily by hand, no scissors needed

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