2022 Spring Paris Fashion Week-Paris Fashion Week SS22

2021-12-08 06:06:35 By : Ms. May Luo

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As always, fashion month is about to end in Paris-some people might say that we saved the best for the end. Check out all the great looks from the top collections for spring 2022 below, from Dior and Saint Laurent to Vuitton and Chanel, and all the fashion shows in between.

"Girls are storm chasers," Sarah Burton, the creative director of Alexander McQueen, said in describing the mood of her new series, which embodies the crackle of returning to the world. Sound-this world also makes people feel extremely nervous. In her first face-to-face performance in 18 months, she traded the gilded environment of Paris (where British houses are usually displayed) for a parking lot in East London. The reusable transparent bubble tent designed by architect Smiljan Radic provides panoramic views of the city Burton calls home. The moiré prints covering several polyester taffeta and polyester grosgrain dresses, named after "blue sky", "stormy sky" and "nightfall", are transmitted from photos taken on the roof of her studio Photo. Weather lovers in Burton are ready for all kinds of inclement weather, matching a transparent net skirt with a short bomber jacket and a tailored coat. "I think it's about uncontrollable thoughts," she explained. "You don't know what will happen, so you have to face it bravely. Chase danger, face danger, see beauty-all of this."-Alison S. Cohen

There are sports, and there are sports adjacent, and the argument that Lacoste belongs to the latter camp is tenable. With the DNA firmly rooted on the court, the brand has been playing with sports styling and production techniques without any pressure to become a true blue sportswear. This season is no exception. Louise Trotter tried sweatshirts and wide pleated skirts, and you can see some action—or not. Varsity sweaters and Polo shirts may be technically sporty, but they themselves have earned a status as a tailoring statement. Layered, assembled or matched in the manner of a clay court, every piece is ready, no matter how you play the game. --Leah Melby Clinton

Alber Elbaz is a man’s happiness bomb. He believes in the power of feeling beautiful, and the power of his favorite dress—not just for some women, but for everyone. You saw this in his Lanvin x H&M series in 2010, and later in AZ Factory, when Elbaz launched "Developing Solutions for Women of Our Time" in January. After the designer's tragic death from Covid-19 in April, his team created 25 styles that fully fulfilled its mission. This dress combines Elbaz's foam fantasy pieces with black leggings and large jewelry-this is the ultimate performance of Zoom Glam, and it is indeed a useful solution to the daily style of WFH. What if we are lucky enough to take risks in town? There are also dresses. Fashion giants around the world are cheering for Elbaz’s legacy, and-in the case of Rosie Assoulin, Ralph Lauren and Saint Laurent-his iconic bow tie and glasses. The title of the show is Love Brings Love, and yes, Mr. Erbaz did just that. I didn't cry, you were cr—well, we were all crying. We should be. ——Fran Krenzl

Vuitton called this series "an invitation to le Grand bal of time". Tonight, the program notes claimed that “time is not important.” Although it is undoubtedly a legendary brand in the luggage industry, LV does not have the extensive clothing files owned by other big Paris brands. Therefore, when Nicolas Ghesquière travels through various eras, it is through his own special lens. There is also a tribute to other times-the oversized tuxedo of the 80s and the flowing hippie skirt, which may make Stevie Nicks fascinated in the 70s. However, there are some shiny party dresses with interesting skirts that seem to protrude from the model's body. If it doesn't feel as it is now, then it may be futuristic. There are also denim and polka dots in the bright black and white palette, but don't distort it. This is not a serious matter, these are clothes with a cheerful personality. It's about "a vibrant style stream. The night will be more beautiful," the note continued. That's it. --Kerry Pieri

To put it bluntly, Miuccia Prada knows what happened. This fashion legend called up a group of new stars-Halle Bailey, Rowan Blanchard, Bella Poarch-and asked them to participate in a 50-person master class to teach you how to recognize trends and then resist their pranks. She called the program "an exercise in referring to and studying reality, using existing ones to create new things." Translation: The trinity of Y2k's abs + pelvic bone + designer logo was subverted into a twill khaki skirt, hard cotton monogram and cocktail leggings from the 50s, with boxer briefs passing over the hem. You can see that there is something wrong with the brutality and brutality of high school uniforms (or right?), and a way of defining "freshness" without discarding what we already have in our closet. We all got oxford shirts and chinos from the previous era to transform, right? But like Miu Miu, the coolest moment is also the quietest: When Mrs. Prada walks the show, her KN95 mask has been hung on the sleeve... and the pointed flat shoes on this show are A-level design, which is very important for science and Rational recognition is the ultimate status accessory. ——Fran Krenzl

The swimsuit as a top has reached its peak at Chanel, and the small bikinis seen on many runways this season are paired with the brand's iconic beaded miniskirts. "I used to like the sound of flashing lights on fashion shows in the 80s, when the models were on the high runway," Virginie Viard said in her fashion show notes about the sexy and sporty atmosphere of the series. "I want to regain that emotion." The gold or white high-top post box with black trim is matched with a large shopping bag to create the ultimate beach luxury match. Short pink or lavender tweed skirts, multicolor crochet jackets, flowing black chiffon long skirts and skirts with large and colorful butterfly prints further add a charming escape from reality. ——Alison S. Cohen

Fashion, to some extent, can be all about shocking value. Outside the world of high fashion, sometimes dreamy, feminine, romantic or sophisticated is not enough-but Giambattista Valli obviously has a different feel. Valli is the one who pays attention to his customers first, and his fan base continues to grow, obsessed with his transparent ruffles, loud volume, and love for girly details. This collection presents a touch of avant-garde and swagger in the form of sweet suits, close-fitting pieces and tunic jackets, but it is still designed for the Valli girl-she never goes out without lipstick and loves everything. There is also more ivory in this season's palette, perhaps an ode to Valli's long-term bridal base. The designer officially launched the bridal collection this season through his Love series. The white and soft appearance of the series is suitable for rehearsal dinners, parties or brunches before and after the ceremony. ——Carrie Goldberg

John Galliano is the ultimate fashion alchemist. He did his best to invent new ways of interpreting house codes, deconstructing them, turning them over, and flipping them on his ears. This is the case with his Co-Ed Collection, where he dug up the fisherman's notes he studied in a movie presentation in the middle of the last pandemic. This season, he injects research on "utopian youth", that is, the dream and reality of today's youth. This public carnival of "lived with possibilities" brought other concepts from Galliano’s dream to today: such as the new improvisations of the Margiela whites, the latest deconstruction ideas, and a series of eye-catching textures and Accessories, from fishing net sequins to fisherman's wading boots and a new interpretation of the popular bucket hat. ——Carrie Goldberg

Albert Kriemler started this season with a simple point of reference, the apron. The designer did not regard it as a symbol of oppression or occupation, but pointed out that it has a certain "protective and powerful power." Like any uniform, wearing an apron is almost natural and effortless. Followed by the dynamic nature of this dress (considering that it can be worn and tied in many ways) inspired Kriemler to use it as the starting point for spring 2022, stitching the skirt on the trousers and stacking the dress on the trousers. At night, there is also a layered suit jacket, which feels sexy when going out at night, but suitable for the office when returning to work. After cooking almost every meal indoors for a year, we hope to transform the protective nature of the house into the newly reopened outside world—of course the style—inspired appropriately. ——Carrie Goldberg

In Paris this morning, Stella McCartney encouraged women to "redefine sexy through the feeling of softness and lightness." To this end, she provides some dazzling new choices for her future world. There are tight knit sweaters that reveal the breasts, loose slacks in Crayola colors, parachute parkas that double as dresses, and sequin tight stockings that challenge the domination of nude skirts. So basically, whether you work on the board or on the dance floor, she can meet your needs. She also has a new bag-Frayme Milo, made entirely of mycelium, also known as "mushroom skin"-it has been shaky from the arms of Demi Moore and Ella Emhoff. The package is amazing. The clothes are amazing. Now we need to see them in women of all shapes and sizes, not just industry dream lovers like Ashley Radjarame and Fran Summers. (Although, yes, they look spectacular.)-Faran Krentcil

Shades of gray exist in our lives, but not in Ann Demeulemeester. The Belgian fashion company adopted an all-black and white design this season in recognition of "modernity in pure tailoring." This is a wise statement: "We know how to create OG minimalist clothing from Antwerp 6; sit firmly until you see them." Of course, once you do this, you might rush home and change your whole The closet is aligned in an elegant binary with the AD seams. This is the danger of casual leather skirts and tight-fitting cotton dresses, dotted with extra French phrases that read "Love is an action" and "Tell your children your dreams." There are rumors that Demeulemeester personally scribbled these words on the fragments-this is a blessing, because we are all trying to dress and determine the direction on a new page in the world. ——Fran Krenzl

Like Jamiroquai in the middle of the stage, designer Matthew Williams has joined the craze in his latest collection. This is partly a metaphor-the brand's buzz is stable enough to attract millions of people to watch their live broadcast-partly literally, because a row of Givenchy-branded fuel tanks just landed on their Paris runway. They were drawn by the American artist Josh Smith, who called his most recent gallery exhibition the "emotional jungle" and referred to his iconic images-including a fashionable death and wavy bones- -Transfer to Givenchy knitwear. According to the fashion show's instructions, there are also gowns with a misty veil or sequins at the bottom to "explore the tension between luxury and discipline." Williams turned the jack-o'-lantern into a gold-plated ghoul wallet—a cool subversion of the Cinderella pumpkin and a wink of the Internet’s obsession with #SpookySeason. There are many things to see, but there is only one thing we don’t like: a few silver collars that reflect the knots of the lasso. Tragedy is not a trend. In any case, Williams does not need impact tactics. As this series proves, he already knows how to win public attention. ——Fran Krenzl

If American pop culture is a candy apple, then Lanvin's latest collection is organic cider donuts. The flavor profile is close to the fast-paced, pop and pop music of heroes and villains on our TV, but the price is also more expensive and more complicated. The designer Bruno Sialelli did all the right things in his "comic book" series, authorizing Batman to play Warhol's flowers repeatedly, with Judith Leiber (Judith Leiber) Make dazzling bags together, even shredding silk into tinsel or crepe paper. But all this is too luxurious to fit into the world of "Whiz! Bang!" Gotham City. (Even though the Batmobile purse looks like it was carved by an Italian master.) In the long run, this is better, because we don’t need another fashion improvisation on comic culture-but gosh, we can use some beautiful To wear clothes we realize that we should be our own heroes (wearing platform heels, the same is true). ——Fran Krenzl

Balenciaga launched a new reality version for Fashion Week. In place of the 2022 spring fashion show, celebrities, models and guests all came to Chéâtre du Châtelet and walked on the red carpet. Naomi Campbell and Amber Valletta swagger with Cardi B, as well as a regular lineup of models. In fact, the audience is just a performance, because people in the industry sit inside and watch the audience on the big screen. But it didn't take long for everyone to realize that all this was for a real premiere and not just a fashion show. The brand screened an episode of "The Simpsons", in which Homer, Maggie, Bart and others all wore the brand's iconic looks. Demna Gvasalia even appeared as a cartoon in the series with other Balenciaga employees. As for the collection itself, there are all Balenciaga's logos-oversized denim, head-to-toe prints and graphic accessories. This concept proves that in the post-pandemic world, it is indeed possible to produce fascinating and memorable shows that go beyond traditional tracks or straightforward videos. --Christine Bateman

Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski took the guests on the journey of Hermès in the spring of 2022. First, the show was held in the airport hangar. When she bowed last, the real jet landed behind the designer. The brand showcases classic craftsmanship and cool edges. Straight dress with leather trim, loose and short cut. Luxurious leather jackets—there are many—matched with silk-print shorts. The thick-soled sandals and matching leather socks echo the designer's modern interpretation of luxurious minimalism, as do the casual pants with the right paper bag waist. Of course, all the codes of the house are there, but Vanhee-Cybulsk's Hermès also appeals to those who like to be a little experimental, whether it is choosing a monochrome leather mini suit or a black leather halterneck top. --Christine Bateman

In the past year or so, Vivienne Westwood's iconic archival works have been very popular. Not only for die-hard fashion fans, but also for the generation most likely to discover the brand for the first time. Andreas Kronthaler's spring 2022 fashion show for Vivienne Westwood combines old and new elements, incorporating some classic patterns (such as tartan) in a new way. The models walked on the catwalk wearing TikTok's beloved oversized pearl earrings (maybe the next one will be an oversized necklace?). The corset silhouette highlights the classic vampire dress. But what makes viewers reach for their phones is what the models are wearing, essentially, their own window frames: a structure larger than life, which stretches over their heads like curtains. Huge pants, huge bell earrings and cat T-shirts add to the brand’s unique sense of humor. --Christine Bateman

Past and future dating at Valentino Rendez-Vous, this marks the first time the Roman brand has returned to the Paris Fashion Week ready-to-wear calendar since February 2020. The open-air show at the Carreau du Temple market in Marais was a joyous event for models of all genders wearing Pierpaolo Piccoli signature style. These include polished denim (with a new wide-leg cut this season), redesigned fashion collections, such as fluorescent yellow taffeta shirt dress and gown; of course, there are bold combinations of vivid acrylic colors. The playful jellyfish tendrils in his most recent fashion collection even appeared on electric blue and lime gray cocoon tops and Bermuda shorts. The collection also includes a re-version of the Valentino Archive, including the white miniskirt with prominent ruffled sleeves worn by Marisa Berenson in 1968, and the floral dress by Chris von Wangenheim in the 1970s. The richest reproductions and genres in decades convey the message that these clothes are clothes that are bought now and loved forever. ——Alison S. Cohen

"Neurotic, psychedelic, and totally hysterical." It sounds like all of us in the past few years, but it's actually Jonathan Anderson's view of Loewe in the spring of 2022. If this feels like a turning point for the brand-one marked by experimentation, surrealism and art-it is because it is. According to the exhibition description, the designer turned to the Mannerist Renaissance painter Pontormo for help to explore the concept of drape, sculpture and color "through twisting, shifting and twisting". The fabric is twisted and flipped, the jacket is worn backwards and full of sequins, the sweatpants are covered with a few yards of fabric, the slim dress shows prominent elements, and the long skirt radiates from the resin-cast torso. This is a visual journey, and sometimes we are not quite sure what we saw. Denim outfits followed closely, and a series of pastel-toned dresses suitable for parties completed the show-bringing the trip back to the real world, where beautiful dresses and large bags are still hot commodities. --Kerry Pieri

Since Gabriela Hearst joined Chloé in 2020, the designer's mission has been to inject a sustainable style into this legendary French brand. This means products handmade by independent artisans, traceability and transparency requirements, and low-impact materials, all of which will appear in the spring 2022 collection. Hirst looks at craftsmanship and color with a cautious eye, using hand-painted stripes to enhance cashmere, transforming bohemian carefree dresses with upgraded jewellery from other French fashion houses in the past, and piecing hand-cut leather together to see It looks like a weaving miracle. "I think people are forgetting the difference between industrialized products and handmade things, and we want to show that this is important," Hirst said after the show overlooking the Seine. For the Chloé purist deep down, everyone can find something that suits them. Except for a simple double-breasted ivory windbreaker or a light gown, you don’t need to look at it any more. --Christine Bateman

Olivier Rousteing's 10th anniversary fashion show brought two unusual benefits: a Doja Cat performance and a two-page in-depth personal letter from the designer. The 36-year-old Kardashian girlfriend revealed that his new series is about "recovery and renewal" and pointed out, "A year ago, I suffered some painful burns in an accident. The ward, bandages and gauze wraps suddenly became An important part of life. My life-when I started sketching, I found myself transforming those months of doctors and physical therapy into many of the bands, weavings, and draping bands of today." He also joined The fluffy accessories and quilted leather seem to protect the wearer from harm, both physically and emotionally. However, if this is just a blues, any final look—the jewel-studded party dress worn by Milla Jovovich, Karen Elson, etc.—should be easy to do. ——Fran Krenzl

Many designers in Paris seem to be thinking about sun, sea and skin, and Isabel Marant is no exception. Beachwear and ready-to-wear mix and match into waves of crop tops, bikini tops over small T-shirts, high-waisted swimsuits and colorful shirts. You might find exotic ones on the boardwalk or roadside shops on the beach. The place. But Marant is still the queen of French girls' coolness, and without some unexpected fashion, it would not be one of her series. Low-rise loose jeans, decorated with faded flowers and acid wash, are the shiny North Stars of this season, guiding the collection through the rocky ocean of usually ambiguous beach-style fashion shows. --Christine Bateman

All this is in the details of the Raf Simons Spring 2022 collection. What seems classic at first glance is reinvented at the second glance. A typical subtle oversized work shirt is twisted and blown out of proportion. The long suit jacket seems to be printed with a pattern, which looks like it was torn from a retro rock band T-shirt. The baseball cap became something completely new, with gorgeous draped edges, and turned into a hybrid bell cap. This season, perhaps more than ever, there are several street-style stars experimenting with the concept of gender. Some are wearing skirts and skirts for the first time, and some are trying to match ties with soft dresses and baby T-shirts. The same applies to the fashion fans seen on TikTok. Simmons distilled some of his iconic patterns. Suits, bomber jackets, etc., mix them with the theme of gender fluid evolution that the fashion world finally embraces. --Christine Bateman

Coperni's new collection is great, but how you feel about it may depend on your own connection with your body. That's because this lively Parisian brand has launched 32 styles, each of which has more skins than the dermatology conference. There are full-sleeved, torso-free tops worn by Gigi Hadid and Paloma Elsesser. And those suit jackets with sharp stitches that cover the shoulders while exposing flesh-colored stitches. There are also textured skirts — some are long, some are short — whether you walk with ruffles or flowy. This is a futuristic style suitable for body type followers of all body types and genders, and it is very interesting to see it on display. What is missing? Obviously older blockbusters (all shapes and genders!) are doing the same thing. To be fair, Gen X has had some rave babe staples from the beginning...but what about that work dress with pink chiffon? Brand new. It is totally needed. ——Fran Krenzl

Yesterday in Metaverse, Rick Owens and rapper Tommy Cash launched the NFT series. Today in Paris, things are back to flesh and blood, and Owens sent his wife (and the muse, business partner, and asteroid goddess) Michèle Lamy through the Palais de Tokyo, at the opening Appeared at the ceremony. The California artist calls this series "Fogachine", and transparent fabrics in black, gray and red are tumbling in the wind like wildfire ash. Behind the (literally) smoke and mirrors of the runway set, there are also laser-cut catsuits, which almost-but beautifully-hold them together. If Owens turns the entire fashion show into a GIF and sells it in Bitcoin, there will be a large number of virtual recipients. But when crystal pointed high heels and a hoodie cape bring some exquisite charm to the earth, why live in the cloud (or cloud)? ——Fran Krenzl

Acne Studios may be the first choice for mature denim, but in Paris, this beloved Swedish brand is gaining the favor of young people. It appears on ultra-thin streamers and ultra-thick platform sandals, as well as see-through tops and exquisite embroidered corsets. The brand stated that its latest collection is "a conflict between surrealism and historical references", which may be a reference to hats...or carnival cave party costumes dating back to the 90s, which is actually—gasp— — 30 ​​years ago. Realizing this, we will hide in Acne's new flame leather trench coat until further notice. ——Fran Krenzl

The "Bold Color and Emotional Outburst" kicked off this season, bringing the bright colors reminiscent of the Holi Festival of India's Color Festival into single products with tassels, oversized bows and painting prints and eveningwear items. For Dries Van Noten, proportions and silhouettes are nothing new, but the scope of this season is outstanding; the iconic tunic jacket styles have appeared, but the moments of tights have also appeared-and some are more sculptural. Styling. Some series present an almost psychedelic atmosphere that celebrates moments of collective joy, such as in festivals and fireworks. This season, whether in terms of color, texture, form or technology, all bring joy to Van Noten-and welcome it back to our lives in large and small ways. result? A series of bright, wearable items makes people can't help but laugh. ——Carrie Goldberg

There is a new name in the town of Rochas-a very new name. After Alessandro Dell'Acqua was in charge of the company for many years, Charles de Valmorin, who had just graduated from the Paris Fashion Institute at the age of 24, was hired as the helm. His first collection and first fashion show seemed to explore multiple themes. It started with a flame and almost rose up; then, it turned into a set of dresses, matched with the designer's own hand-painted prints. The show ends with a study of asymmetry and deconstruction of slices and dicing. All of these are combined in a flame-like palette, dotted with neutral and metallic colors. It seems that the designer is testing the water, trying on Rochas' size to see if it fits all his aspects. There are some chic moments worth walking on the red carpet, and some seem to be for street fashionistas; this show lets us focus on Valmorin, whose evolution will be launched in February's 2022 autumn show. ——Carrie Goldberg

In the spring of 2022, the designer himself called the brand's most technically sophisticated collection so far, with the theme of the duality of femininity. Women can indeed be two things at the same time (if not more), and the silhouette of this season is very powerful in elegance. Compared with the brand's standard neutral colors and pastels, layering and bold use of colors is a stronger statement. The asymmetry inspired by Calder phones also played an important role. Bahnsen's show notes describe her desire to celebrate everyday life and create clothes that women can truly "live and dream". Some of these everyday elements are incorporated into more inspirational styles this season, such as curtains folded on one side, like tying a skirt to an "unfettered bow" when riding a bicycle in the morning. ——Carrie Goldberg

When you are in charge of the new name of a traditional brand, the future and the past will always blend together, and this juxtaposition can be felt in the latest creations by Nicolas Di Felice for Courrèges. Just like the typical feature of the label, a futuristic atmosphere throughout, but a future that has been stitched and cut together before (when you think that we have been designing the same "future" for the "future" for decades, this is really too Crazy). In terms of pop culture, you can find clips of The Matrix, Kim May, and the Jasons are all fused together, but at least there is nothing that makes people feel kitsch. Maybe this is about the future: the moment we start planning or preparing, we find that it is on us. No matter what we are attracted to now, it is the future. --Leah Melby Clinton

This is a story of a boy, a girl, and a boy. Anthony Vaccarello explored the impact Paloma Picasso had on Yves Saint Laurent’s studio in the spring, and explored how her contradictory views on fashion helped the master enter a new stage of his career (“For me, this is the decisive factor of Saint Laurent’s creativity. It always becomes a style," Vaccarello explains). You can see it in the mix of broad shoulders and clean lines; low neckline and high-waisted trousers-all of them were hers before becoming a brand logo. The freshness that Saint Laurent found in Picasso at the time is still valid decades later: the bold prints and colors she inspired are seen in Vaccarello's narration as ultra-bright flowers and deep oranges, blues and reds. It is her sense of power and independence that attracted and inspired YSL. Some people wonder if the sublimation of this spring is reflected in the tightly-fitting second-skin jumpsuits that can be seen everywhere. Few shapes allow so much freedom of movement or require such physical confidence-everything is on display, and there is no room to worry about someone's thoughts. But as you know, having your own space and a life without apology is always popular. --Leah Melby Clinton

The original, loose appearance is the core of the attention and celebration of Ottolinger designers Cosima Gadient and Christa Bösch-asymmetrical and inconsistent items can restrain the energy in the middle moment. There is a sense of futurism throughout-these are interstellar costumes, of course-but there are also some humanizations about imperfections and accidents (any well-programmed artificial intelligence is never possible). Tailor-made suit jackets are perfectly matched with briefs; sexy, stringy dresses and tops give a very messy feeling, and their structure captures the feeling of a really cool person shrugging on a single item. It was found to fit, drape and take off just right. This skill is usually reserved for dressing tables—people who can make paper bags look attractive. Being able to weave it into the clothes itself is pure magic. --Leah Melby Clinton

Maria Grazia Chiuri delved into Dior's huge archive in the spring of 22 and Marc Bohan's long-term tenure at the legendary brand. Furthermore, Grazia Chiuri turned to the Slim Look series launched in 1961. At the time of the release, the media said: “It completely changed fashion, just like New Look in 1947.” The show was performed on graphics and color block sets conceived by artist Anna Paparatti. The styling itself also follows this colorful spirit-the use of yellow, green, red, navy, orange and raspberry colors on the small skirt suit, as well as a fun fringed dress inspired by the iconic Roman nightclub Piper Club. There is also a series of bright, boxing-inspired looks; bold prints, such as silk dresses with pure black tops; and loose denim suits. In general, the inspiration for this series comes from... nonsense? As the show description explained, Grazia Chiuri looked at Anna Paparatti's Il Gioco del Nonsense (The Game of Nonsense). As the American poet and literary critic Susan Stewart (Susan Stewart) saw, nonsense is "a perfect, pure, untouched surface of meaning. Every gesture is reflective." Maybe a bit like boxing? --Kerry Pieri

Kenneth Ize launched his first collection in Paris, and it feels like it was before a whole life: February 2020. He appeared on his runway with Naomi Campbell and caused a lot of sensation. Since then, Ize hasn't slowed down, but now he is back on the runway. In order to make his hometown Nigeria full of vitality in each collection, the designer used traditional hand-woven asoke fabrics produced in a factory he established in Ilorin. These looks have an inherent fun in themselves-bright striped suits, plaid jackets, some simple long skirts with tiger prints or marigold tassels. A white stitching dress, refreshing and simple. In short, Ize lives up to expectations. --Kerry Pieri

Marine Serre's pandemic outlook is all about reassessment. The latest series called Ostal24 is the brand's most sustainable series to date, consisting of 45% recycled materials and 45% recycled materials. "For me, the most important thing is how people feel when they see Ostal24, not what they think," Serre explained. . At the same time, realize that we make influential choices every day. So, how can we be more accountable in the decisions we make? "She asked. Although there was a lot of discussion about reevaluation when everyone was at home, most of the fashion has returned to the status quo. Serre is a rare outsider whose eco-conscious collection uses knitwear, prints, sweatpants and her iconic The catsuit combines declaration-making and comfort-but mainly self-awareness. "Fashion is not just about draping fabrics and profitability, it can be a place where we can freely take meaningful action," she said. Why Don’t wear a small skirt? —Kerry Pieri