My Hero Academia: 10 most unique villain costume designs, ranked

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The costume design of My Hero Academia aims to reflect the style of each hero and villain and provide help or support for their quirks.

The costumes in the My Hero Academia world are used by heroes and villains. The role of these costumes is to protect their identities from the public and show their respective roles. The costume design aims to reflect the style of each hero and villain and provide help or support for their quirks.

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In some cases, the final costume of the hero or villain may look a little strange, but that's because they have been modified to ensure that their quirks can reach their full potential or match the user's desired image.

Shie Hassaikai’s villain costume member is a small tights with a plague doctor mask. The unique thing about this costume is that it makes Enterzhongcheng look almost like a harmless stuffed animal, with chubby calves and a short figure. However, this outfit is misleading, because Joi Nakai is actually a tall, muscular man.

His villain costume allows Joey to take full advantage of his quirks. Quirk, Mimicry, allows Joi or Mimic to merge his body and mind into one object. This allows him to control the object like his own body.

Mr. Compression owns one of the more sophisticated looking villain costumes on this list. His clothing includes a tan coat, boots, gloves, buttoned shirt, polo tie, top hat, walking stick and mask. Although Mr. Compress’s villain costume does not seem to have any direct benefit or support system for his Quirk, it does help to enhance his image.

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As a former performer, Mr. Compression’s vicious tactics and Quirk have a magical talent. His costumes not only help him enhance the magician’s sense of mystery, but also protect his identity from the public.

Tomura Shigaraki's original villain costume left a lasting impression on UA ​​students and fans of My Hero Academia. His grotesque costume includes a long dark coat and 14 hands coated with preservatives, placed on his arms, shoulders, head and face. Each hand belongs to an important person, and they were killed when Tomura's Quirk first appeared.

Due to Tomura's emotional attachment to the hands he wears, this villain costume is undeniably unique. His emotional attachment and the disturbing nature of wearing intangible body parts make this a very unique costume.

Nine’s villain costume consists of a light purple suit jacket and pants, not the most original costume. However, what makes Jiu's outfit stand out is the mask, breastplate, and support items he wears. Jiu's mask covers the lower half of his face, and there are some fasteners on his forehead.

The mask then merged into a chest plate, with two black cylinders protruding from his shoulder blades. These items are not just a weird fashion choice, because they release a drug-like substance that can cure him when he overuses his quirks. Auxiliary items can also enhance his attack power and allow him to function for a long time.

This villain costume is one of the darker and more disturbing costumes that perfectly matches the villain's frightening quirks and personality. Moonfish can turn his teeth into plastic and powerful blades, and is one of the most powerful villains in the villain league. As we all know, he has an untimely face and an obsession with meat.

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His villain costume consists of a black straight jacket with red spikes and multiple metal clips that force him to open his mouth, which is very suitable. This dress creates a disturbing face, which is very suitable for Moonfish's dark personality.

Himeko Toga’s villain clothing mainly includes high school uniforms, as well as some additional items, such as practical belts and leg pockets. This is because she does not need to rely on clothing to shape her villain. With her transformation Quirk, Ji Zi can transform into anyone after consuming their blood. The length of the transformation depends on how much blood she consumes. Therefore, what makes her villain costume unique is her support project.

She was wearing a black mask with a metal piece in the shape of a carnivorous smile. There are also three silver jars attached to the sides of her mask, with needle points protruding from their tips, and wires on their bases; they are connected to two larger cylinders tied behind her belt. They are all used to help her get blood to transform herself.

The villain costume of Twice or Jin Bubaigawara is a mature tights. Black, with some gray decorations on the top of his head, boots and stripes form T and W on his body. There is also a red bracelet on each of his wrists. With his double quirks, Twice is able to copy himself and others. Although he no longer creates his own clone, his costume adds to his eccentric character and protects his identity.

However, his costume is unique and serves another purpose entirely. Due to his quirks, he suffered from personality disorder twice. In order not to lose self-awareness or "divide", his entire face must be covered. Therefore, Twice's clothing is not only unique in design, but also unique in its ability to keep him "complete".

Flect Turn is the villain in the movie "My Hero Academia: World Hero Mission" and has a unique character design. Although his glowing blue skin may be one of the more unique aspects of his appearance, this villain also has an equally unusual villain costume. Flect Turn is wearing a red robe, a utility belt and two glove-like prostheses, fingertips. He is also wearing gray pants and combat boots.

Flect was also seen wearing a white cloak-like robe with a high-necked oval collar. Both appearances were equipped with blue opal-like discs for supporting objects. These disks can reflect attacks from Quirks and other sources (such as lasers). Due to his multifunctional belt, some disks can even be moved, which makes his villain costume both a unique design and a powerful driving force for his quirks.

Dressed in a luxurious dark purple jacket, extended collar and tuxedo, the gentleman's formal attire is a selling point for his villain role. In order to put his name in the annals of history and use his videos to inspire others, Tobita Danjuro does bad things while being a complete gentleman.

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His clothing seems to be inspired by the image of Victorian men, including jackets, pinstriped pants, double belts, gloves, scarves and crooked walking sticks. His villain attire didn't seem to help his elastic quirks. Fortunately, it did complete his role as an internet celebrity, gentle criminal villain.

Hoyo Makihara or Mummy, is the villain who collaborated with nine people in the movie My Hero Academia: The Rise of Heroes. His villain costume includes a dark gray combat vest with multiple pockets, dark leggings with knee pads, fingerless gloves, a belt and a sling bag. However, the most unique part of this villain's costume is the maroon bandage wrapped around the whole body, showing only the fingertips and around the eyes.

The quirks of the mummy allow him to manipulate the bandage to trap opponents or use it as a weapon. The bandage on his body can not only cover his facial features, but also serve as a support, making him a force that cannot be ignored.

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