Sign Warning People Not to Fall for Dog Faking Own Death Delights Internet

2022-08-14 12:00:19 By : Ms. Diana Yuan

From breaking into kitchen cabinets to giving you the puppy dog eyes, dogs will do anything for a snack.

Still, one dog's reaction to being denied treats is so over-the-top, that her owner has put up a sign warning passersby not to fall for her dramatics.

Erected on her owner's front lawn, the sign—which was shared on Reddit's "What's Wrong With Your Dog" forum by u/micindra on 3 August— said:

"If you see a little dog near this sign, please don't worry, she is not lost.

"She lives here. Her name is Chrissy and she is sulking.

"She refuses to come inside unless we give her one of her treats... We are out of treats.

"If you witness her faking her own death by laying in the road and pretending she has been run over, walk on by. She is looking for sympathy as she has had no treats."

Chrissy herself can be spotted in the background, curled up into a ball looking genuinely devastated.

According to a 2020 survey of dog owners in the United States, the most popular types of treats given to dogs are cookies, biscuits and snacks. About 50.6 percent of owners gave these treats to their canine companions, while 46.9 percent of them offered dental care treats.

Around 46.9 percent of owners fed their pets dry snacks, while 31 percent gave them bones. About 16.2 percent of owners made treats for their dogs, while 3.9 percent of them didn't offer their animals any treats at all.

In total, $50 billion was spent on pet treats last year in the U.S., more than vet care ($34.3 billion), supplies (29.8 billion), and services such as grooming and boarding ($9.5 billion).

Reddit users found the sign hilarious, with the post receiving almost 45,000 upvotes.

"That sign looks a bit worn," said smartymarty1234. "How many times has this happened?"

"I'm glad I can pick up my dog because she's 100% petty enough to do this," wrote IScootScootHotDamn.

"I'd cave, off to buy her treats," commented FluffyDiscipline.

Some users shared their own stories of dramatic dog antics.

"I have a very tiny dog," wrote Cynformation. "When he's upset he climbs up one of his tiny staircases, to the couch or bed, and threatens to jump off the edge. We have to go running to save him."

_sey_kay said: "Mine would pull an Oscar-worthy 'I'm being abused' act when she didn't want to go outside or in her kennel.

"Freezing, cowering, showing her belly, refusing to move... it was incredibly pathetic.

"But the second I picked her up she'd start wagging her tail and generally acting like nothing had happened."

LadyTrucker23 commented: "My lab fakes a limp too. Then I get the elastic bandage and wrap his leg and tell him he can't go play until he's better.

"It miraculously is healed instantly."

Newsweek has reached out to u/micindra for comment.

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